“A Pleasure To Cut With!”

The newest design of high quality professional hair scissors! Look for shear scissors made of Hitachi ATS 314 or VG-10 Gold SuperSteel and blades with Japanese (or “Hamaguri”) convex edges.  The ergonomic contoured handle design enhances the comfort and feel of the shear.  TopEdge Shears use anaphase technology heat treatment process for a superbly sharp and durable edge. Most models come with a precision CNC hand adjustment screw. These scissors are triple hand honed and polished with water stone processing for smooth cutting action.  Highly polished cutting and thinning shears are better at resisting corrosion and pitting than are those with a duller, “satin” finish. With it’s top-quality construction, unique visual appearance and unbeatable feel, TopEdges Barber and Salon scissors are the best value in the industry and are truly a pleasure to use.

Types of Steel Used in Shears

Good quality steels are divided into categories depending on the alloys used in their production. the “V” steels, ranging from “V-1” to “VG-10 Gold” (“V” stands for Vanadium) to  Hitachi’s ATS-314.  If you want to work with the best insist on shears forged from VG-10 Gold or ATS 314.  All categories of 440 steel (A to C) are considered “Cobalt” steels.  Almost all “name brand” shears like Kamisori, Hachi, Joewell and Kasho sell multiple lines of differing quality at different prices, so make certain you check the specs.  Many professional barbers and stylists prefer the softer feel, better cut and prolonged sharpness of ATS 314 and VG-10 Gold…so that’s all we sell.  Every TopEdge Barber and Salon shear is manufactured from VG-10 SuperSteel or ATS 314.

About VG-10

Just as in the days of traditional Japanese sword making, when it comes to high performance, the importance of good steel can never be overstated. V-10 Gold (or VG-10) is an extremely high quality steel, produced using innovative processes. VG-10 steel shears combine incredible hardness with a supple, soft feel when cutting.  It is a perfect steel for forging.  VG-10 is often called “super steel,” because it is designed to maintain sharpness and durability without becoming brittle, a major fault normally associated with exceptionally hard steel.

The Mystery of Damascus Steel

Damascus steel was first created in ancient India more than 1600 years ago. Its superior strength and durability are legend. Damascus steel has not been produced since the 1700’s.

“Damascus” steel runs to a hardness of 52 which does not compare favorable to the current 57 – 61 ratings of modern scissor steels, VG-10 Gold and Hitachi ATS 314 steel.  VG-10 and 314 are used to create Damascus-style shears.  These new Damascus styles have all the virtues of the top alloy steels and feature unmistakably graceful patterns on their surface.

The patterns or “ripples” on the original Damascus blades are created by the difference in carbon density – or the difference in tempering – of its steel components. This is the same process used in the forging of traditional Japanese swords. The ripples symbolize not only the mysterious allure and beauty of the traditional Damascus blade.  Today, the ripples and designs on Damascus-style blades are created using multi-layers of different steels -the exact technique varies according to the manufacturer.

Hair shears made with Damascus-style steel generally retail for between $600 and $2,000.  When buying such shears you must be constantly on guard against forgeries and counterfeits of your best known brands.

Top Edges offers an ultra high quality Damascus style shear made of VG-10.  We’d love you to compare our shears with Kasho, Kamisori, or Washi.  We’d also love to see you save $400 to $800 plus and still cut with the finest.