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  • positive review  I ordered the Top Edge razor. I absolutely love it. it feels great in my hand and is made to last a long time. I'm ordering another one or two so I always have a backup. Mike is absolutely a top notch seller and a pleasure to deal with. He responded quickly and went above and beyond to make sure I was happy. I wish more sellers were just like him. Thanks Mike, for the wonderful transaction!

    thumb Jenni Morgan

    5 star review  I bought the 6 inch damascus patterned shears. They look beautiful, and feel like quality to me. I have been using them for the last month. They cut great on wet hair, and point cutting dry hair. I was a tad dissapointed they dont slide cut dry hair very well. But, perhaps I need a different dry cutting shear. Either way, i love them! Being a barber, I mostly wet cut anyway �

    thumb Megan Swearingen

    positive review  Top Edge Shears are the best I've ever had , cuts so smooth.

    thumb Cesar de la Rosa
  • 5 star review  Over 25 yrs behind the chair and finally I have a pair of 7in shears that are completely bada$$ .. not too heavy and close consistent the entire 7in. Best shears I’ve owned for sure.. the texture shears are top shelf as well, can’t go wrong with the set. You’d pay double for half the quality!

    thumb Mat Sky

    5 star review  Bought a pair of the 5.5” hair shears for a friend and she loves them.

    thumb Kelly Danielson

    5 star review  Amazing! I met Mike recently by chance and I am so glad I did. I have a new pair of his Damascus style shears and I absolutely love them. I have used Joewell shears for 15 years and top edge shears compare the same in my opinion in tool, however you don’t get mikes customer service. I hope people get a chance to try his product because you will fall in love.

    thumb Bridgette Annala
  • 5 star review  Top Edge 7” Barber Shear. As a barber I️ need a shear which has versatility and power. These are exactly what I️ have been looking forward too. Excellent on all hair types and textures with the ability to trim beards and mustaches. An additional quality is the balance of the shear. Both small and large hands alike will feel comfortable for daily use of this shear.

    thumb Daniel DeHoyos

    5 star review  Amazing Shears and top notch customer support! I️ couldn’t love my 6” Damascus shears any more than I️ do! The attention to detail in these shears is incredible, they are certainly Beautiful. Not only do they feel great in the hand, they are very well balanced and provide such a smooth precise cut. I️ have worked with these shears for a couple months now and love every minute working with them! I️ can’t get enough of this brand and excited to order another pair!

    thumb McKenzie Lehmann

    5 star review  i just purchased my first pair of Top Edge Shears 7” barbering blade and i can not stop using them. they are very easy to use and the weight of them are evenly distributed. very comfortable shears to cut with and i will recommend them to any stylist.

    thumb Tara Hainsworth
  • 5 star review  Finally bought new shears after Barber School got a very good price and great quality! Thanks Mike! ��

    thumb Ryan Beardslee

    5 star review  23 года у станка�. Спасибо Mike Witt за действительно хорошие ножницы.Имею большое удовольствие.Thank you very much,Mike.

    thumb Irina Finaeva

    5 star review  I love them. Just got a pair of the rose handles for my bday. By far my favorite shears in 10years.

    thumb Kalia Lucero
  • 5 star review  Have been using a pair of thinning shears for a month and absolutely love them! Fit perfectly, cut amazing and of course love the look! Would highly recommend

    thumb Tammy Tower

    5 star review  I purchased the Rose handle shears, as well as the thinning shears. All I can say is, "Excellent"! They cut with precision and comfort. Finally, a company who understands the industry.

    thumb Kerry Lucero

    5 star review  Top-quality hand-forged, hand sharpened shears at really reasonable prices

    thumb Alan Tarr

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