The flashy color schemes may be eye-catching, but there is a down side


Titanium salon shears are pretty.  No doubt about that.  But apart from the visual appeal, does the titanium coating help or hinder performance?

When titanium is applied to a shear, it coats every square inch including the cutting edges.  Since titanium coating can dull your scissor blades, the coating needs to be “pulled away” to “un-coat” the blade.

In responding to this question, we looked at dozens of titanium-coated shears and were hard-pressed to find any coated shear made of either of the two elite scissor steels, VG-10 Gold or Hitachi ATS 314. Since the most significant feature of these steel alloys is to give you a sharper edge that stays sharp longer, it doesn’t make sense to put a coating on them that will dull the cutting edge prematurely.

Coated Shears Will Need Sharpening Sooner And More Often

In short, titanium barber and salon shears will not maintain their sharpness nearly as long as non-titanium coated shears.  In the end, it’s your choice…would you rather have some extra pizzazz, or a better, sharper, longer-lasting edge?

All TopEdge Shears are made exclusively from Hitachi ATS 314 or VG-10 Gold SuperSteel. We decided that we would not sacrifice performance and precision for a splash of color. If you absolutely must have a titanium-coated shear, Kamisori, Joewell and Amazon have good selections.